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At-Need SecuriGene DNA Banking Kits

Free (consignment)
For customized kits, or to order in bulk, please indicate on your request in the comment section below.

Pre-Need SecuriGene DNA Banking Kits

Free (consignment)

DNA Banking Brochure

Free – Bundle of 30 per order

DNA Banking Authorization Forms

Free – Pad of 25 sheets per order

Extra Shipping Packs

Free – Includes Prepaid Waybills

Brochure Holder


Sample DNA Capsule

$75 Deposit

White LCD TV Display

Includes 1 Sample DNA Capsule
$130 Deposit*

Black LCD TV Display

Includes 1 Sample DNA Capsule
$130 Deposit*
*All deposit items can be returned back to SecuriGene for a full refund at any time. An invoice will only be issued to your funeral home for LCD TV Displays or sample capsules ordered. All other items above are free.

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